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Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series 2019 Pro 2 Combined Race Procedures

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Corona, CA (December 6, 2018) – Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, in continuing efforts to strive for more competitive and entertaining racing in 2019, is going to allow Lucas Oil Midwest Short Course League drivers to use their spec 410-cubic inch motor to compete in Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series events in 2019.

Bill Smith, Series Director for both series, said the goal is to provide the LOMSCL drivers with a formula that will balance the two different motor rules that will be equally competitive for points, wins and prize money in LOORRS while providing great entertainment for the fans.

"We've given a lot of thought to this rule change and we believe this is another step toward providing the LOMSCL drivers with a spec 410 motor a chance to compete in more races and on equal footing, with the 2019 fuel injected motors, which also is a win for our fans in terms of additional close competition," Smith said. 

Full 2019 schedules for both series recently were unveiled with the intent of giving drivers more of an opportunity to compete on both circuits. The LOORRS opens March 16 at Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, California. The LOMSCL gets going June 15-16 at Crandon International Raceway in Crandon, Wisconsin.

The new rules: A. Cup-Configuration races: 

1.  When racing similar vehicles together with differences in the competition balance for equipment LOORRS may start these races in a staggered standing start style configuration.

2.  All staggered start races will be separated by distance or time determined by the Competition director and at LOORRS sole discretion.  Separation for initial starts will determined before the start of the event.

3. If there is a full course caution on the first lap there may be a full restart.  There will only be one attempt at a full restart

4. Restarts will also be done by standing re-start at the flag line with the first group stopped at the end of the start zone.  Second or third groups will start behind the first group determined by the time gap from the leader of each respective group from the most prior green flag lap line crossing.  All restarts will be called over the raceceiver by the Competition Director only and separate for each group based on the time gap needed to maintain separation of the groups

5. Any competitor in one Group that is passed by the leader of another Group is now part of that group and will remain in the physical position in line with the group the competitor is mixed into for any restarts.

6. There may not be a competition caution at the midway point in any Cup-Configuration races and it will be at LOORRS sole discretion to use a competition caution or not.

7.  Each class will still qualify for starting position and normal inversion procedures will be used for each class of vehicle.  Some similar vehicles may qualify in a single group or separate at LOORRS sole discretion.